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Unlawful Detainer

Eviction proceedings are also known as unlawful detainer proceedings. This is because one individual is in the unlawful detention of another person’s property. You may as a landlord not use self-help, which includes shutting off utilities, or changing the locks of one of your tenants. You must lawfully evict the tenant/occupant from your property. After obtaining a judgment against the tenant in an unlawful detainer/eviction proceeding we will enforce that judgment to make sure that a sheriff performs a lock-out removing all people from your premises and the occupant is thereafter prohibited from the entering or returning to the property.

Eviction/unlawful detainer proceedings are summary proceedings. They are resolved more quickly than other lawsuits. However, tenants and landlords, with the exception of time limitations, generally have the same rights as any other litigant in a civil action. For example, deposition proceedings, and jury trials, are not all too uncommon in unlawful detainer/eviction proceedings.

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